I’m A Student or Parent

Congratulations! After many years of hard work Colorado ASSET has passed the State Legislature and more students can now pay in-state tuition and go to college!

YOUR FIRST STEP WILL BE TO APPLY AND GET ACCEPTED TO THE COLLEGE YOU WISH TO ATTEND! Then you will go through that college’s process for determining your eligibility for ASSET and in-state tuition.

This website has a lot of information about Colorado ASSET and some suggestions for how colleges and universities can implement it but, ultimately it is up to each college and university to decide how they want to implement this legislation.

Besides meeting the qualifications for ASSET you will need to meet all of the qualifications for the college or university you have chosen to attend. You should visit their website and make yourself familiar with their deadlines and qualifications. Here is a list of all the public institutions of higher education that will be following ASSET.

The first question you probably have is – Am I eligible? You should visit this page and look at the chart to see what qualifications you have to meet. Who Qualifies?

In general you will need to:

1) have attended high school for three years right before you graduated

2) be admitted to a college within twelve months of graduating

3)  sign an affidavit if you are not legally present in the United States that would be similar to this sample saying you are currently seeking legal status or will seek it as soon as you are eligible.

If you are one of our students who has been waiting years for ASSET to pass and you didn’t go to college within twelve months of graduating or getting your GED you will need to prove you lived in Colorado for eighteen months before you apply. Here is a list of documentation that could help you prove that – possible documentation.

Colorado ASSET did not make undocumented students eligible for financial aid but, here is a list of scholarships that we know offer private aid to undocumented students.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered in our FAQ section send us an email at ColoradoASSET@gmail.com and we will try to help answer it.