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Students for Colorado ASSET – A Call to Action

The Higher Education Access Alliance (HEAA) is committed to improving Colorado’s economy by increasing access to higher education institutions for Colorado’s undocumented students.

To do this, we need to pass legislation called Colorado ASSET – Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow — in the 2012 legislative session. By passing Colorado ASSET, undocumented students will be able to pay lower tuition rates for colleges and universities throughout the state.

A Call to Action

The Higher Education Access Alliance is putting out a call to action to all students in the state of Colorado who feel passionate about supporting HEAA’s efforts, passing Colorado ASSET, and providing more affordable opportunities in Colorado public higher education institutions for undocumented students. We are creating two new student groups to help foster statewide communication and action around this issue: The Colorado ASSET Student Network and the ASSET Student Engagement Committee.

The Colorado ASSET Student Network

The Colorado ASSET Student Network will exist primarily as a digital means of networking students across the state of Colorado who feel passionate about this issue and want to be more involved. We will utilize facebook, twitter, email and occasionally phone calls to stay connected. This group will be open to any and all students around the state. We are creating this group to keep students up to date with what is happening with the Colorado ASSET bill, inform students of upcoming events and actions, and to create a way for students to share their ideas with each other and with the ASSET campaign. We invite all students from across the state to join the Colorado ASSET Student Network.

We will be offering resources to all students interested in forming an organized student group at their school in order to join the ASSET Student Engagement Committee outlined below.

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The ASSET Student Engagement Committee

The ASSET Student Engagement Committee (ASEC) will take student engagement in the ASSET campaign one step further.  The ASEC will take the form of regular statewide conference calls and online social media. These calls will be student led with HEAA organizers to give updates on recent developments and to answer any questions students may have.

The ASEC welcomes all student groups in the state of Colorado who are interested and passionate about passing Colorado ASSET. If you are currently part of the Colorado ASSET Student Network, all you have to do to join the ASSET Student Engagement Committee is to organize you and four of your friends.

Students on the ASEC will receive training from ASSET field organizers to help make you and your student group effective organizers and advocates. We ask that all student groups who wish to be a part of ASEC have at least 5 members. Read below to see what our goals for the ASEC are and what resources and trainings we are offering.

Our Goals:

The goal of The ASSET Student Engagement Committee is to offer a more organized student voice to pass Colorado ASSET. We hope that ASEC will serve:

  • To foster more student input on the ASSET Campaign
  • To get students to engage in activities and create their own activities
  • To increase HEAA’s ability to influence a wider geographical area through student organizing and outreach
  • Once Colorado ASSET is passed, to provide admission and financial aid support to undocumented students attending state higher education institutions

Resources we are offering to students

  • Information
    • Up-to-date information on the Colorado ASSET legislation
    • Up-to-date information on the direction of the ground campaign
  • Trainings with HEAA organizers and staff
    • Community Organizer training
    • Public speaker training
    • Media training
    • Lobbyist training

What we ask of students

  • Ask student groups to organize “student response teams” to do student turn out for events and meetings relating to ASSET, outlined below
  • Give presentation on ASSET at your school, congregation, or etc.
  • Present to city councils and school boards, and push for resolutions to be introduced and passed in support of ASSET.
  • Put events on the HEAA calendar so HEAA organizers can be present at these events when possible.
  • Send emails and letters and make phone calls to your elected officials regarding ASSET at key times during the campaign

**For more information or to get involved, or to recommend a student or student group at your school, please contact Matt Gettleman at or

And join us online: Facebook @Colorado ASSET Student Network & Twitter @ASSETstudents