Student Video Submissions

This year we are looking for students to represent HEAA and testify in the Senate and the House committee hearings.

The committee hearings are limited in length so we can only have a few students testify, we don’t want legislators to vote against our bill because we had 25 students testify and it took all night making them grumpy, so we decided to let you audition via video. Simply record yourself saying what you want to tell lawmakers about why Colorado ASSET should pass.

These videos will also be used by HEAA virally so if you don’t want us sharing your video with the public then be sure to let us know.

Your video needs to be less than 3 minutes and should include a little bit about yourself and why Colorado ASSET is important to you.

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube fill out the form below and let us know where your video is.

The deadline to submit your video for consideration is January 15th by midnight.

You can send any questions to

If you are selected to testify you will be required to write down your full legal name and address. If you aren’t prepared to do this then let us know on the form below and we can still use your video virally. If you have questions about this requirement or what it means email us.

  • You can put your video on YouTube or wherever else you want. Provide us a link to your video here.
  • Check the box if you agree
  • You can select multiple groups by pressing ctrl
  • Who are you? Where do you go to school? What grade are you? Etc.