A Key Part of Colorado’s Economic Recovery

Colorado ASSET will serve as a key piece of Colorado’s economic recovery plan:

  • For the thousands of students already eligible to work, making them pay in-state tuition helps guarantee an educated workforce once they graduate.
  • This bill will create revenue for Colorado’s colleges and universities.
  • We have invested in these kids’ K-12 education, we must realize that investment. Colorado has the second highest percentage of college graduates in the nation, but ranks 32nd in sending our own high school graduates to college. Failing to educate our students has implications not just for education, but for our economy.
  • College graduates are less likely to be caught in a cycle of poverty. Students with a college degree are more productive and civically engaged – they are more likely to help strengthen the economy, vote, and contribute more to the state tax base and are less likely to end up in the correction system.